Sunday, 1 February 2015

Egg donation update

Just to keep you up to date on our egg donation cycle. As I mentioned in my previous post, we found an anonymous, altruistic donor willing to undergo IVF on our behalf. How amazing is that? Lady, you are a legend: your kindness is humbling. With all the Bad Stuff happening in the world, thankfully there still remain some, considerate, kind human beings, and she is one of them.

At the end of her cycle, she produced 11 eggs, which was wonderful. Even more wonderful, 10 of them fertilised! After a couple more days, we were told that eight were developing well and that it was worth waiting until the blastocyst stage to do a transfer. So we went to the clinic yesterday, on Saturday. Unfortunately they had stopped developing as well as they had initially. We didn't have any blasts as hoped, but two had got to the pre-blasts stage, which I think is called morula. They gave us the option of leaving both until today to see if they progressed, running the depressing reality that if none of them hadn't turned into blasts by then, then they never would, and we wouldn't have anything to put back. So we had a decision to make.

The clinic's view was that they probably wouldn't make blasto, and thus the likelihood of us ending this cycle on a disappointing note was high. It was such a shame as I really thought that this time it would be ok, and we'd get blastos, including some to freeze for a sibling later down the line! 

So we decided, sod it, put them back now. We decided to do both rather than a singleton or to wait an extra day. I think if we are going to be disappointed I'd rather delay it for another couple of weeks!! So we run three scenarios: none of them take, one does, or both do and we get twins. Or, as I joked, they split and we get triplets or quads!! 

Anyway, it doesn't look good and we are both quite down. I'm continuing to take the progynova and the cyclogest, and hopefully they will maximise our chances of me sustaining a pregnancy if they have become blastos today.

Anyway, here's a pic of our 'pre-babies':

Best wishes and generous sprinklings of baby dust to you all.


  1. I wish you the absolute best. I too, had high hopes when using donor sperm during our last (8th) IVF cycle. I thought that by taking the translocation out of the picture, we'd have plenty of embryos. I produced 14 eggs, but only 1 fertilized. I was devastated. They did rescue ICSI on 5 others, but only 2 of those fertilized. To top it off, the one that fertilized naturally stopped developing. I was so frustrated. By day 5, there was only 1 left. They transferred it, but my hopes were really low. To top it off, I started bleeding during the 2 ww.
    Surprise of all surprises, I had a positive pregnancy test, and am now almost to the 12 week mark. I have been absolutely sick as a dog for 6 weeks now. But so happy. So please do not give up hope - we had a very small chance and it seems to have worked so far.

  2. I've got everything crossed for you!!!!

  3. You guys just keep on praying to have a baby and to have a chance to become parents. Even though the egg donation process will take more time before you obtain the results, when the right time comes, all the hardships that you've been through will be worth it.

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