Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Nature is too cruel - yet another example

So this morning I hear on the radio that three children have been found dead at a house in a town not too far from me. As the day goes on, the story evolves, and so far we know that the mother has been arrested in relation to their deaths. They were a family of four children, the three youngest (including twin boys) all suffered from 'spinal muscular atrophy', a defect of the SMA1 gene on the 5th chromosome. Her and her husband found out that they were carriers of SMA while she was pregnant with the twins when one of their daughters was diagnosed. I can only imagine what it must have been like to be told that your child has a disorder that is going to kill her, that you and your husband are the cause of it, and that your twin sons are going to face the same fate. From imagining a happy, hectic family life as a family of four children, they were then faced with life as a family with three disabled and dying children. The blow must have been enormous, and (almost) unimaginable. I wonder if they sought or were offered any psycological support?


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  2. This is just awful. I cannot imagine the horror of the entire situation. So unfair.