Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The baby was UBT

I got a call from the genetics team. The analysis of our baby's chromosomes did show that they were unbalanced. I forgot to ask if it was a boy or a girl. I haven't cried at all since the scan, but the past couple of days have been very hard, as if I am wading through syrup. Work has been totally unproductive and it is glaringly noticeable among my colleagues, I'm sure. Yesterday I rang one of London's leading clinics ( read expensive) to enquire about egg donation. I have an appointment next Thursday afternoon. Our options for egg donation seem to be a) go via a clinic and hope you can take part in an egg share b) go via an agency to find an altruistic donor and c) go abroad, typically to Spain or Cyprus. I'm going to try the clinic route first and see what they say. I'd rather, if we go the donor route, stay in the UK, as then any child would be able to trace their genetic mother at the age of 18. Going anywhere else in Europe would mean that the child would never be able to find out about its mother, as donation is totally anonymous. I was reading through the posts on, and basically it's lots of donor children who are extremely hacked off at having coming into the world this way. So I wouldn't go the anonymous route lightly, if at all. Anyway, it's all theory for now - I'll update next on what this clinic say (£180 later).


  1. I'd so gladly give you my eggs, they are perfectly fine for any match up on the planet other than my husband. But I am 35 years old, and no one wants eggs that old :( I'm hoping for you.

    1. don't be daft, 35 is fine from my perspective!!!

  2. Really hope the clinic has positive news for you, very best wishes x

    1. many thanks - they've sent us their extensive registration pack and we spent an afternoon filling it in. By the looks of it we are booked in to see the most appropriate doctor on their books for our circumstances, so hopefully it will be a good meeting.

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