Monday, 30 September 2013


Today we underwent PGD No3. I've been doing the short protocol for the past two weeks -  a cetrotide injection in the morning and a Gonal f injection in the evening - and it was looking good. I was producing lots of plump follicles; just what was needed for a good harvest of eggs. But it was not to be. Even though I had over 20 follicles that were over 14mm (big enough for there to potentially be an egg inside) , one ovary did not yield any eggs at all and the other yielded only two. The egg collection was this morning. When I came round from the sedation, the embryologist told me they had got two eggs. I thought I had misheard. My heart sank. The consultant later came round and said that sometimes this happens. We are both very discouraged and right now I'm writing this with the iPad in one hand and a much-needed vodka and coke in the other. They'll let us know tomorrow if either of those eggs was good enough to be fertilised. I hate the way your hopes get built up by IVF and then you have to ride the way down as you get knocked back. Will let you know how we get on.

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